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No. 65 (Winter 2016)

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Winter 2016

It's not a career path anyone would have planned: the daughter of an acclaimed singer-songwriter and successful painter attends a tony music conservatory on a violin scholarship, transfers after a year to study folk and jazz at another, graduates to a partnership with a legendary songwriter three times her age who teaches her how to sing and write, launches a solo career playing with jazz musicians, discovers the music of her great aunt, and makes an album of traditional Mexican songs mixed with bilingual originals.

Q & A: Danny Barnes
Spotlight: BLACKIE
Spotlight: Grupo Fantasma
Spotlight: Oceans of Slumber

Strait Talk: Djery Baptiste
Texas Tales: Jerry Fuller

Also included inside magazines ordered at our website is a compilation CD featuring:
Madi Dean
Adrian Conner
El Campo
Soul Track Mind
Amanda Cevallos
Zack Walther Band
South Austin Moonlighters
Dix Hat Band
The Hot Nut Riveters
Robynn Shayne
Sour Bridges
Chuck Hawthorne
Stan Crawford
The Guy Forsyth Blues Band
Saints Analogue
Plus: album reviews, festival calendar and much more

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