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No. 60 (Fall 2014)

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Fall 2014

Shakey Graves
Even one-man wonders need to shake things up sometimes. Alejandro Rose-Garcia, 27, is best known as Shakey Graves - one guy with a guitar and a kick drum who writes haunting, fast-fingered folk tunes. But we advise you to ditch any preconceived notions about who you think he is and what you think his music is like, because there are plenty of surprises in store - even for Rose-Garcia himself. "'What's Shakey Graves going to look like in 10 years?' is my favorite question in the world," he says. "I've seen glimpses of it, but I don't even know."

Robert Glasper
Jazz pianist Robert Glasper has a message for his genre: update or die. "I feel like certain people think certain styles of music will taint their jazz style," Glasper says. "The music is going to die if you don't tap into something that people can relate to." So instead of conforming to tradition, the iconoclastic Glasper, 36, shook jazz up - to Grammy-winning effect.

Emily Bell, Micah Nelson, The Mastersons

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