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No. 51 (Summer 2012)

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Summer 2012

Viva Big Bend
The aim of Texas Music's inaugural music festival is to showcase the best of Texas -- its extraordinary naturual beauty, astonishing diversity and exceptional talent. More than 50 acts and nine noteworthy venues have been selected to provide the festival its musical anchor, but much more awaits those who venture to Marfa and Alpine the last weekend in July. In this special section, we profile participating artists and venues, then provide information about ongoing events and activities.

Bob Schneider
Bob Scheider still has the biggest-selling album in the history of Waterloo Records in Austin -- Lonelyland, released in 2001 -- but more than a decade later, Schneider is a different man, no longer the rock-star cliche, raising his 6-year-old son while balancing the demands of his music career. He still delights in making refreshingly spontaneous music for his loyal fanbase, but he's resigned to his fate, which he himself captures with the self-deprecating tag "the Springsteen of Lakeway." Michael Corcoran reports on the King of Austin's transformation.

Texas Tales
Colt Miller

Plus: CD reviews, festival calendar and much more

Also included inside magazines ordered at our website is a compilation CD featuring:
Bob Schneider
Josh Abbott Band
Dale Watson
Folk Family Revival
Texas Tycoons
Graham Wilkinson
Luke Olson
Patrice Pike
Stoney LaRue
Robert Cline Jr.
Mark Ambrose
Booka and the Flaming Geckos
Penny Jo Pullus
Tessy Lou and the Shotgun Stars
Effron White
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