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No. 48 (Fall 2011)

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Summer 2011

Dale Watson One of alt-country's surviving outlaws, Dale Waston's whiskey-soaked back catalogue is full of honky-tonk tunes that recall Johnny Cash and Merle Haggard. His personal story is almost as compelling as his music: after his fiancee was killed in a car accident in 2000, Watson descended into depression and drufs, only to recover and record some of the best music of his career. His stature outside Texas has been bolstered by frequent appearances on the Grand Ole Opry and European tours, but that hasn't stopped the honky-tonk troubadour from playing just about every juke joint in the Lone Star State. So we asked the hardest-working man in country to select a half-dozen of his in-state favorites - then we sent out writers out to give us the skinny on Watson's picks.

Guy Clark Guy Clark has been called many things during his lengthy career - craftsman, poet, old school man of the world, and, at least according to one national publication, the greatest songwriter in the history of Texas. Since the release of his 1975 debut album, Old No. 1 - song for song one of the greatest recordings in popular music - Clark has been waging a daily battle to write his next great song ... one of sparse strength and beauty, one that rings true to him. And on this, the occaion of of his 70th birthday, we rank Clark's 70 best songs and invite other artists - Clark admirers all - to share with us their favorite Clark piece.

Gabbanelli Accordions
Houston was once a prime place to be an accordion-maker, what with the instrument being prevelant in central Texas beer-hall music from Europe, Louisiana Cajun music and Mexican music moving up from the border. That's when John Gabbanelli left Italy and arrived in Houston. Now, 50 years later, son Mike juggles repairing the old with designing and producing the new - stunning works of art - while wondering if the business can survive another generation. The accordion doesn't often find its way into mainstream fare now, but it remains king in much Spanish-language music, where the Gabbanelli name is golden

Texas Tales
The Gourds

Pinata Protest
The Carper Family
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