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No. 44 (Fall 2010)

Fall 2010

Kathy Valentine In Bloom: Rock star, role-model and Austinite mom Kathy Valentine reminisces about her past, ruminates on the present condition of females in music, and looks forward to her future with the BlueBonnets.

Butch Hancock: No Two Alike Musician and photographer Butch Hancock shares memories of his musical friends captured in film.

Eric Johnson Q&A: The guitar legend explains how he tried to tone down his perfectionism on his latest record, Up Close.

The Story Behind the Song: "Hey Baby" The song that turns up regularly in marching band performances, on other artists' albums and in Dirty Dancing started out as a B-side, but Bruce Channel's knack for the blues harp took it above and beyond.

Miles & Miles: Fitzgerald's Houston's scuzzy, punky venue sees new ownership.

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The Bright Light Social Hour
Neon Indian
Pauline Reese

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