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No. 32 (Fall 2007)


You Gotta Be Strong — Terri Hendrix and the Art of the Spiritual Kind: Terrie Hendrix balances art and “the part that’s not art” while bringing joy to an audience as life tests her threshold for the blues. For more than a decade, this self-proclaimed “scrappy cat” songbird from San Antone has done it all with a smile and come away with the deed to her own universe.

Q&A — Steve Earle: The unrepentant Texas expat finally gets the hell out of Nashville, moves to New York City and gets busy reinventing his approach to making music.

The Cello Rose in Texas: How maverick cellists John Hagen and Brian Standefer broke out of the orchestra pit to redefine the sound of contemporary folk, country and rock ‘n’ roll.

Plus: Ka-chunka-chunka Burning Love: Jimmie Vaughan and Omar Kent Dykes salute Jimmy Reed

Spotlight: Ryan Bingham, Grand Champeen

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