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No. 27 (Summer 2006)

Celebrating Five Years of the Austin City Limits Music Festival: It took a dream team to lift it from concept to reality, but in five short years the Austin City Limits Music Festival has secured its standing as one of the best festivals in the country. We take a look back at how it all began – from one man's dream to turn Zilker Park into the biggest venue in the live music capital of the world to the landmark TV series that lends the festival its name and peerless legacy. And, of course, we look ahead to the fifth annual ACL Fest this September.

Storming Castles – The Rise of Del Castillo: Five years into its run at the vanguard of Texas Latin rock, the musical brotherhood of Del Castillo takes a leap of faith toward higher ground.

In Memoriam – Clifford Antone, 1949-2006: Austin – and the blues world at large – says goodbye to one of its greatest champions.

Pioneers: Buck Owens
Texas Tales: Tom Russell
Spotlight: The Riverboat Gamblers; Brandon Rhyder

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