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No. 26 (Spring 2006)

A Kink in the System: A funny thing happened on Kinky Friedman’s march to the Governor's Mansion: somewhere along the way, Texans started to take a campaign he admits started as a lighthearted whim seriously. And then he did, too.

Welcome to the Big Show - Celebrating 20 Years of SXSW: A look back at the first two decades of Austin's South By Southwest Music and Media Conference and Festival – the biggest annual party in the music industry.

Texas Tales - Freddy Powers: Although he's best known – if known at all – for writing hit songs behind the scenes and as an ace guitarist, Freddy Powers' legendary friends – most notably, Merle Haggard – have never thought of him as "just" a sideman. To them, he's a genius and an equal among giants.

Story Behind the Song: "Tighten Up"
Pioneers: Pappy Daily and D Records
Spotlight: Bruce Robison; The Sword

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