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No. 23 (Summer 2005)

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Texas Film and Music: From Gene Autry and Dale Evans to Kris Kristofferson, many a Texas musician has crossed over to the silver screen. Likewise, Texas actors like Sissy Spacek, Jamie Foxx and Dennis Quaid – all of whom have played music icons on film – have pursued music off-screen as well. What does it add up to? Our first-ever Film and Music special issue.

Willie Nelson: Just a Good Ol' Boy: On the set of this summer's The Dukes of Hazzard, Nelson – aka "Uncle Jesse" – traded dirty jokes with Johnny Knoxville and Burt Reynolds, flirted with fellow Texas artist Jessica Simpson and got to ride shot gun in the General Lee. No wonder Texas' most famous and well-traveled singer-songwriter has made so many movies to date: he calls them "vacations."

The Ultimate Texas Film and Music Trivia Challenge
Q&A: Robert Rodriguez
Spotlight: Jason Moran; Patricia Vonne

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