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No. 19 (Summer 2004)

Come Together - The Polyphonic Spree: When Tim DeLaughter dreamed up the technicolor sound and vision of The Polyphonic Spree, he had more in mind than just happy people in robes singing about the sun. But is the world ready for the roughly 25-member Dallas ensemble's full-blown devotion to chamber-pop music?

Kris Kristofferson Comes Home Again: His acting and family may occupy most of his time these days, but the Rhodes Scholar outlaw still feeds the songwriter hunger in his soul.

Texas Tales - Kinky Friedman: Could Texas' kinkiest cigar-chomping, salsa-shilling songwriter-novelist-raconteur-agent provocateur be its next governor? "Why not?" he asks.

Pioneers: Vernon Dalhart
Q&A: Abra Moore
Spotlight: Vallejo; Doug Moreland

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