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No. 11 (Summer 2002)

The Psychedelic Sounds of Texans in the Summer of Love: Thirty-five years ago, San Francisco was the center of the rock ’n’ roll and counter-culture universe. And a colorful mix of Texans – including legends Janis Joplin, Doug Sahm and Steve Miller – helped set the scene.

The Legend of Blaze Foley: Singer-songwriter Blaze Foley was shot down at age 39, leaving behind only one album, and a decade later his legacy continues to inspire some of his closest friends and biggest fans, including Lucinda Williams and Merle Haggard.

Kelly Willis - Easier Said Than Done: Kelly Willis - wife, mother and songwriter to Tim McGraw and the Dixie Chicks - earned the luxury recording exactly the kind of music she wants to due to the success of her last album. So why was making her new album Easy so dang hard?

Spotlight: D:Fuse; Polyphonic Spree
Q&A: Jack Ingram
Miles & Miles: Hole in the Wall

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