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No. 10 (Spring 2002)

Carry On - The Passion of Pat Green: Skeptics knock him, fans love him and seasoned vets like Willie and Jerry Jeff count him as one of their own. We shadowed him on the road for a month to find out what makes 30-year-old Pat Green tick.

The Ballad of Freddy Fender: From his early rock 'n' roll days as El Bebop Kid through his Grammy-winning work with the Texas Tornados, Freddy Fender was crossover before crossover was cool.

Narcocorrido - Norteño Goes Gangsta: The hottest movement in the Latin music scene isn’t salsa or rock en espanol, but a polka-driven update of the traditional Mexican corrido, or story song, that now celebrates underground drug traffickers where revolutionary heroes were once immortalized.

Plus: Spotlight: Caroline Herring; Speedealer
In Memoriam: Waylon Jennings
Texas Tales: Frank Pugliese Godfather of San Antonio Punk
Q&A with Lisa Loeb

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