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No. 09 (Winter 2002)

Texas Music Spotlight Spectacular 2002: From Austin's explosive Trail of Dead to Texas country champion Cory Morrow, we've rounded up a group of the most promising, talked about and interesting acts on the Texas music scene. (Also including: Angela Ammons, Adam Carroll, Centro-matic, Costumbre, Delphines, Flickerstick, Goudie, Lina, Nuwine, Pure Rubbish, Riddlin' Kids, and Union Underground.)

Pioneers - The Legacy of DJ Screw: When Houston's late DJ Screw slowed down the rap to a sluggish, hypnotic crawl, he did more than establish his own style - he introduced one of the most unique interpretations of contemporary popular music, ever.

Texas Tales - Hooray for Jon Dee Graham: Once a Skunk and a True Believer, a sideman and a carpenter, Jon Dee Graham has emerged as one of Texas' finest singer-songwriters, and a hell of a dad to boot.

Plus: Q&A with George Jones
Ten Great Love Songs
Trivia: Do You Know Buddy?

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